Wednesday, September 28, 2016

INDIA ~ The Khangchendzonga National Park - UNESCO ~

...Fantastic vew of the most magnificent attraction of this National Park... in the heart of the Himalaya ... and India's newest UNESCO site... it includes areas of high religious significance... some of them  are sacred and pilgrimage sites.... Thanks a lot Prashanth!!  ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀
Photo: Jakub Michankow

Mout Khangchendzonga is the third highest mountain in the world, and lies partly in Nepal and partly in Sikkim, India and  is the second highest mountain of the Himalayas after Mount Everest.

The park gets its name from Khangchendzonga (which means The Abode of the Gods) which forms an impressive background in the park at an imposing 8,586 meters in height. It was declared as a National Park in the year of 1977.

The park  includes a unique diversity of plains, valleys, lakes, glaciers and is a spectacular wilderness, with snowy peaks towering above some fine forests that remain virtually undisturbed. The Park must rank as one of the most important protected areas in the entire Himalayas. It has more than 550 species and subspecies of birds, which is nearly 30% of the entire bird families found in the entire sub-continent.

It was inscribed to the UNESCO WHS list on July 17, 2016, becoming the first "Mixed Heritage" site of India.


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